A diamond eternity ring is the only ring that is designed specifically to convey a lifetime of love. A full eternity ring from Diamond Quarter is a token of love, expressing to your partner that your compassion has no end. It is regarded as the nearest ring to the heart, as it embraces all other rings as a symbol of eternity.

Whether you would like a traditional or more modern eternity ring design, all of our eternity bands can be customised with a choice of either white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or platinum settings, featuring your preferred diamond cut, to make it truly unique to you. Discover our range of handcrafted diamond eternity rings today.

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Our one of a kind diamond jewellery store is located in the centre of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. We have a vast selection of beautiful diamond designs in store, including unique pieces that are available exclusively from Diamond Quarter. Along with some of the best quality GIA diamonds available in the country, we also create bespoke designs for our customers, as well as having a selection of gemstone items to view in our jewellery shop and take home today.




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Why Buy Your Eternity Ring From Diamond Quarter? 

Diamond Quarter is located in the centre of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Our expert team has over a decade’s worth of experience in crafting high quality pieces of jewellery. Buying an eternity ring is the perfect ring to symbolise your eternal love for your partner.

At Diamond Quarter, we have a vast array of diamond eternity rings in various ring settings and styles for you to choose from. You can customise the ring metal of your eternity ring in either white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum to make the ring unique and personal to her. Whether you decide to go for half eternity or a full eternity ring, we can make sure that you have the perfect eternity ring that she’ll wear on her finger.

If you want to buy your eternity ring from Diamond Quarter, call our showroom or book an appointment online via our website today.

Half Eternity Rings Or Full Eternity Rings? 

With eternity rings, there are two main styles that you choose from, full eternity rings and half eternity rings.

Full eternity rings have stones that are positioned around the entire band of the ring. This eternity ring style is a great choice if you want a sparkly and luxurious appearance to your ring. With full eternity rings, they can be hard to resize so it’s worth getting your partner’s ring size right to ensure the ring fits comfortably around her finger.

Half eternity rings have stones that are placed halfway around the ring. With half eternity rings, they can have a set number of diamonds or gemstones in the ring’s design. Compared to a full eternity ring, a half eternity ring can be resized so that your partner can continue to wear the ring every day.

When Do You Give An Eternity Ring? 

Eternity rings are traditionally given to mark a major milestone in your relationship with your partner. Some common special occasions to give an eternity ring to your partner include celebrating the birth of your first child or a wedding anniversary.

From a wedding anniversary point-of-view, there are particular types of eternity rings that you would traditionally give to your partner. On your 40th wedding anniversary together, you would give her a ruby eternity ring. When it comes to your 45th wedding anniversary, it’s a sapphire eternity ring. An emerald eternity ring is given on your 55th wedding anniversary, all the way up to your 60th wedding anniversary, in which a diamond eternity ring is given.

You don’t have to follow those rules for giving your partner an eternity ring as some people may decide to give them on their first anniversary. When your partner is given an eternity ring, it’s important that they take care of it to ensure the stones on the ring continue to sparkle brightly on her finger.

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