FCRRASD3024 Radiant Side Diamond Ring

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Our one of a kind diamond jewellery store is located in the centre of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. We have a vast selection of beautiful diamond designs in store, including unique pieces that are available exclusively from Diamond Quarter. Along with some of the best quality GIA diamonds available in the country, we also create bespoke designs for our customers, as well as having a selection of gemstone items to view in our jewellery shop and take home today.




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What is a radiant cut engagement ring? 

Radiant cut engagement rings feature uniquely rectangular-shaped diamonds that’s bears an uncanny resemblance to an emerald diamond. However, radiant shaped diamonds possess a signature sparkle that’s capable of hypnotising all who catch their gaze. It’s small, sharp facets allow the radiant cut engagement rings to capture light better than any other diamond a reflect a shine that’s second to none.

Are radiant cut engagement rings expensive? 

The rectangular shape of a radiant cut engagement ring uses more of the diamond's rough stone than rounds, ovals, and cushion cuts, meaning less of the original stone is wasted in its production, making it comparatively cheaper than some other diamond engagement rings.

Is colour or clarity more important in a radiant cut engagement ring? 

When selecting a radiant cut engagement ring, colour, cut, and clarity should be your primary considerations. It is important to remember that colour is more forgiving with radiant engagement rings as you can choose a lower colour grade and still expect the same brilliance from your purchase.

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