Bespoke Designs


At Diamond Quarter are pleased to offer our Bespoke design service, enabling you the opportunity to create your perfect piece of jewellery, unlike anything other designs. Whether it be an image you want to bring to life, or an existing design you want to add your own unique twist to, Diamond Quarter are here to make that dream a reality. 

The process to produce a bespoke design from start to finish normally takes between 6-10 working weeks, starting with a consultation in our showroom, where we can start designing your jewellery piece. Your design is then turned into a computerised CAD design, where if any alterations are required can be done easily. Once the CAD has been approved, we will have it turned into a 3D resin model and invite you to see the bespoke design. From here, you can design if you are 100% happy, or if there are any slight alterations you may like to make. Once we have the final approval, we will then go ahead to bringing your design to life. We will then contact you when your bespoke jewellery is ready for collection or delivery.

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