Everything You Need To Know About Metals

Choosing the right metal for your ring is very important but it can get confusing. First, you need to decide what colour metal you want your ring to be: white, yellow or rose.

If it is yellow or rose colour, then you will have choices between 9 or 18 Carat rose or yellow gold. 9kt is a stronger metal as it has less of the precious metal particles in it and 18kt is slightly softer as it is more precious and therefore more expensive.

If you would like your ring to be in white metal then you have the choices of 9 or 18kt white gold, platinum or palladium. Platinum is the strongest and the most expensive precious metal. Palladium belongs to the same family as platinum, however it is not as dense and therefore less expensive.

Metal qualities:

The shine and the whiteness of white gold unfortunately gets tarnished with time – obviously the time taken varies, depending upon how often you wear your jewellery and how you look after it, and what it comes into contact with. On an engagement ring that is worn every day rhodium plating would normally last between 6-8 months and then the ring would need to be polished and re-dipped in rhodium.

Platinum and palladium don’t tarnish, and they maintain solid grey colour. Both metals can be polished and that will make your jewellery look as good as new.

At Diamond Quarter we offer free lifetime aftercare for your jewellery that includes cleaning, polishing, re-sizing, rhodium dip and a complimentary engraving – so you wouldn’t need to worry about any jewellery related queries – we’ll take care of it.