Shape & Cut

Cut is an important factor when buying a diamond as it can relate to how well the diamond sparkles. At aspire we only sell good cut. The reson being as you move into the lower grades the diamonds not only sparkle less but can start to appear less round.

Cut grades were developed by the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) during the 1940’s and 1950’s to enable independent labs to not only evaluate clarity and colour but to check the structure of the diamond itself. A round brilliant cut diamond will have 57 or 58 facets which are precisely cut and defined. While these are miniature in size they are extremely important as they govern how well the diamond is going to sparkle.

Cut Grades


  • The excellent cut is one of the most valued and cherished cut grades. This cut reflects almost all the light that enters the diamond. In some cases when an excellent cut diamond is reflected such a large amount of light it can be upgraded to the rarer ‘Ideal Cut’. Only exceptional stones are given this grade.

Very Good

  • A very good cut will not reflect as much light back as an excellent cut however this grade will only loose a small percentage of light giving your stone a fantastic fire. These stones are a fantastic purchase and prove to be stunning value.


  • Good cut diamonds reflect most of the light that passes through them. Around 20% is lost but these stones are brilliantly priced and are substantially cheaper than a very good or excellent cut. Fair-The fair cut will still sparkle but when compared to any of the higher grades you will see a difference in the sparkle of the diamond. If buying a higher grade stone in a larger carat weight however you can find some very good priced diamonds. Still worth a look!


  • Most of the light will not be reflected back out of the diamond. These stones are usually too deep or shallow to be able to reflect the light back out.