Understanding Diamond Fluorescence

Fluorescence is the light given off by a diamond when placed under an ultraviolet light source. Diamonds can fluoresce various colours, most commonly blue, though occasionally yellow and orange. It is commonly thought that diamonds which display a level of fluorescence have a milky or oily appearance.

Only a very small percentage, around 0.02% of diamonds that are submitted to the GIA display such levels as to affect its appearance in daylight. For the vast majority of diamonds that do fluoresce, it is invisible in normal light conditions.

Given the conflicting information surrounding fluorescence, it has pushed the prices of stones with no fluorescence sky high, whilst leaving stones that display faint or medium fluorescence at a lower price.

A true connoisseur knows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and having a stone with no fluorescence is not the be all and end all. Indeed, in some cases, fluorescence can appear to neutralise any yellow shade within a diamond and can be a desirable feature. Our diamond consultants can guide you through the process to ensure you walk away with the best diamond for you.