A common misunderstanding with colour grading is that in fact what the colour grading is referring to is the lack of colour in the diamond. For example a K colour diamond is going to be a light yellow while a D colour will be colourless or ‘white’. The colour scale goes from Z being the lowest and D being the highest. At diamond heaven we sell a minimum of an H colour up to a D colour unless you are looking for a coloured stone such as a fancy coloured diamond such as a blue, yellow, pink green. These can be specially sourced if needed.

Which colour is for you?

If you want a diamond that is near colourless we recommend D-F. While they’re expensive they are more than worth it.

If you don’t want to spend the amount for D-F then we recommend the G colour. While not as colourless these stones are still a beautiful white colour which will save you some money and give your stone a fantastic look. In trade, it’s called commercial quality and majority of the multi stone jewellery found in a retail shop is of this colour.