Understanding Diamond Certification

There are various grading laboratories which give diamonds their classification, with varying levels of accuracy. The GIA – Gemmological Institute of America – invented the 4 Cs as described previously  and so naturally they are the strictest with their grading.

The GIA grade colour and clarity against a set of “control stones” which are perfect specimens of each colour and clarity. When a diamond falls between classifications, the GIA will always downgrade the colour or clarity. This guarantees the diamond you are viewing is the very best example of the grading it has been given and you can trust that any inclusions present within the stone are as minimal as possible.

The GIAs trump card is their speciality of inscribing with a laser each diamond with its own unique number on the girdle of the stone. This is a guarantee to both the diamond dealer and the customer purchasing it that the diamond matches the certificate and is absolutely correct. Given the work involved in examining these diamonds so thoroughly, they carry a price premium.

We see this as a justifiable expense for us when we buy them, as we can pass the GIAs guarantee to the customer for their absolute peace of mind. When parting with a significant amount of money, peace of mind is almost as important as the diamond itself. We only purchase GIA graded diamonds as we feel other laboratories, however large and successful, do not offer the level of accuracy we feel is befitting our store. We can confidently say therefore, that we offer the very best to our customers. We want you to feel satisfied and safe in your choice and when it comes to the diamond, we feel the GIA is the only laboratory to do that.