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Diamond Quarter is part of an established group of companies that has been trading in diamonds and precious metals for over a decade. It is the first store of its kind in Birmingham, being a modern boutique within a landmark building, right at the heart of Birmingham’s world renowned Jewellery Quarter.

Situated in the new “Golden Square”, it is at the forefront of the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham redevelopment programme, built using materials and designs that reflect the local industries for which the Quarter is famous.

The juxtaposition between old and new gives us a unique position within the Jewellery Quarter, something we reflect in our designs and the quality of our workmanship.

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Our Diamonds

Hand-picked GIA diamonds are our speciality. When selecting diamonds, we go above and beyond the standard four C’s, looking at many different factors affecting both the fire and sparkle of a stone. The location of the inclusions present within the stone is something we take great care with, ensuring that they are unobtrusively placed and take the form of less noticeable blemishes. This ensures that even stones that feature further down on the clarity scale are the very best they can be.

We select only the top 10-15% of stones, meaning that the diamonds we choose are the most beautiful available. Why make do with a standard clarity, when we can ensure it is technically better than most available? Our attention to detail does not stop with merely sourcing the best diamonds, however. In the rare event that we do not have a stone available for you to view, we pride ourselves on being able to source stones of any size or shape, according to your specifications.

We do this by accessing the world’s largest diamond database, where we have unrivalled access to the vast majority of diamonds available in the world. Rather unusual for the Jewellery Quarter, we can have diamonds etched with unique personal messages.

What a way to impress your loved one! Making your already unique diamond or precious stone even more special is surely something to be treasured, and at Diamond Quarter, we’re more than happy to assist with that! Stone availability is not just limited to white diamonds, as we are able to source coloured diamonds in a wide variety of hues and also the most beautiful gemstones.

At Diamond Quarter, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of settings to show off your diamonds off. Many of them exclusive, we understand that sometimes you have a specific idea in mind that only a bespoke creation will satisfy. We are happy and pleased to turn the ring of your dreams into a reality by offering you the very best cutting edge 3D scanning technology. A 3D computer aided image will be created from a photograph, sketch or existing ring, enabling you to see how the final piece will look. Your chosen stone will then be placed into the finished setting, completing the process and leaving you with a truly unique ring you’ll be dying to show to friends and family. Book an appointment with our experienced team to find and make the perfect piece of Diamond Jewellery for you or a loved one. 



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We stock 100’s of stunning designs, including some exclusive only to us, designed and made here in the Jewellery Quarter by some of the most skilled and experienced craftsmen and jewellers in the country. From classic round brilliant solitaires, to a fancy shaped matching bridal set, we have the best quality available. We also stock a stunning selection of gemstone rings, diamond designer and eternity rings, exquisite neckwear and independently certified earrings.


One of the benefits of buying from Diamond Quarter is the unparalleled aftercare service provided with our diamond jewellery. We believe that a piece of jewellery should be cared for by the customer first and foremost, but to keep it looking brand new, we welcome you to return it to us every year for a bit of TLC. This is offered as a complimentary service, and during which we will clean, polish, plate (if necessary) and inspect your jewellery for wear and tear, plus perform any minor preventative adjustments that it may need. We want you to be delighted with your jewellery every time you look at it, and this yearly service will ensure it stays like that for years to come.


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